What happens in the Karo accelerator?

Karo is an accelerator of creative ideas in three major areas of housing, construction, urban and transportation.

Our vision is the future in which innovation and technology are somehow intertwined with the physical world around us that delivers maximum comfort, productivity, accessibility and beauty. In this way, we are emerging ideas and startups in the three main areas of housing , Urbanism and Transportation.

Our mission is to accelerate the ideas that improve the way we live, interact, work and comfort in the home and the city in which we live.

Become More Familiar With Karo

  • Work space and shared equipment
  • Specialized education and coaching in the field of business and the
  • public sphere of business (including legal and tax, technology, building
  • and urban planning, business, human resources, etc.)
  • Networking and access to market decision makers
  • Investment and financial and credit support


One of the most important benefits of being in the Caro accelerator is access to the main decision makers of the building and urbanization, the university elite and experienced coaches in this area.

Training And coaching

In the Karo accelerator, specialized training and coaching for the building and the city as well as the general business area (including legal and tax, technology, building and urbanization, business, human resources, etc.) will be presented.

Work space

By expanding the equipment and work space, the  caro accelerator helps the owners of the idea to focus on completing their ideas.

Initial Investment

The Karo Accelerator provides an initial investment to the owners of the idea, and continues to provide them with the opportunity to access a network of large investors.


Iran's startup economy is in its early stages, but with its recent economic conditions, its importance has become increasingly apparent. Innovative businesses create jobs and make money and do not respond to the demands of a problem or an unexpected opportunity that will help improve living conditions. The sphere of building and housing, urbanization and transportation are the areas that are the least attention in the world and especially in Iran, and one of the most potential areas of innovation and technology. Opportunities and problems in these areas are not low, an increase in the volume of investment on the launch of this field in the world is also evidence of this. Large accelerators like Y Combinator, 500 Accelerator, etc. also have several successful startups in this portfolio in their portfolios.



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